Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor

Klenz is a carpet pretreatment formulated to dissolve and suspend soils using both chemical and enzymatic activity. These enzymes can withstand higher temperatures, allowing them to liquefy protein-bonded soils and food oils for thorough extraction. pH 9.7 rtu

Available in 6# and 40#

Prekleen prespray, spotter and booster removes oil-based spots and stains. Excellent for use on upholstery-no scrubbing required. Boosted with Biosolv citrus additive. pH 9.42 rtu

Available in 6#

Pro-Zyme is a super concentrate detergent/enzyme blend formulated to quickly and safely digest and break down the toughest heavy soil and grease. When used as directed, Pro-Zyme will out clean other types of degreasers and pre-sprays.

Available in 92 oz and 576 oz