Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor

White styrofoam Blocks are made of dense styrofoam to support heavy furniture. White blocks are higher density blocks than most others on the market. They are an ample 2" x 2" x 1". 1,008 per case.

White Styrofoam Blocks
Blue styrofoam blocks are the very best, especially for the heaviest furniture. These 2" x 2" x 1" blocks have the highest compressive strength available and will never crush. This premium block will never leave a mess as it always snaps off cleanly. 1,008 per case.
Blue Styrofoam Blocks

Removable adhesive on one side, heavy duty plastic on the other; sticks to the bottom of furniture legs. Prevents "card slip outs" when the customer adjusts the furniture after the technicians leave the job site.

Sticky Tabs
The solution for protecting furniture legs from moist carpet. Clear plastic, completely moisture proof. Available in 3" x 3" or 4" x 4", sold by box of 1,000 count.
Plastic Furniture Pads

Foil pads for placement under furniture legs, to prevent rust and furniture stains. Pads are completely moisture proof and are extremely convenient.

Foil Furniture Pads
Corner guards are designed to protect corners of walls from your solution and vacuum hoses. Lightweight, unbreakable, and very professional.
Corner Guards

The professional's cleaning tool for loosening embedded soil, working in preconditioning solutions, and finishing. 18" pile head.

Grandi Groomer
For those occasions when brushing is required. Quality DuPont nylon fibers offer heat and oil resistance for long lasting performance. 18" pile head.
Grandi Groomer

Three rows of stiff nylon bristles. Pile brush has extra stiff bristles for heavy duty commercial applications.

Carpet Pile Brush
Carpet bonnet with aggressive scrubbing action and maximum absorption in a medium profile polyester/rayon looped, double faced bonnet.
Carpet Bonnet

This versatile tool is the ideal companion for any cleaner. Spikes on the end are ideal for puncturing gum deposits making it easier for Pro Solve Gel to penetrate and the smooth edge along the side makes an ideal spatula for any stain removal procedure requiring agitation.

Carpet Shark
The Grime Reaper with it's thermoplatic rubber creates a static charge which is excellent on removing all pet hair and dander, while resists wear and tear and leaves no area for bacteria to build up. Use on upholstery, carpet, rugs, stairs, furniture, fabric and cars. The brush is fully washable and easy to clean.
Grime Reaper Upholstery Brush

Horsehair fiber stays firm, even when wet, giving complete agitation without harsh abrasion of synthetic brushes. Solid hand fit brush.

Horse Hair Upholstery Brush
Shoe covers help prevent unwanted dust, dirt, and grime from being tracked into sensitive work areas. We stock polyethylene for wet areas as well as paper shoe covers with non-skid treads.
Shoe Covers

Most popular disposable glove is nitrile, excellent choice for people with latex sensitivities. Available in small to XXLG, 8" length or 12" length heavy duty mil.

Disposable Gloves
Lift Buddy is perfect when you have heavy furniture to tab or move! Simply slide your Lift Buddy under the edge of the couch and push down on the handle. The couch end lifts effortlessly and allows you to slide your styrofoam blocks under the couch's legs without any strain at all.
Lift Buddy