Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor

Cut your spray time in half! Quickly apply carpet presprays, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaning solutions, sanitizers, protectors and more. Available standard 5 quart container, 5 quart or 7 quart no-tip container.

Injection Sprayer
The CR Series offers the best durability along with offering maximum chemical resistance. Built with B&G's exclusive XR gun and heavy-duty brass extension.
Tank Sprayers 1 and 2 Gallon

We have avaiable a wide selection of upholstery tools. 2-1/2" to 6", open jet, closed jet or jetless designs.

Upholstery and Detail Tools
We have available carpet wands for any task, from 1 jet to 6 jets, portable equipment to truck mount.
Carpet Wands (Portable & Truck Mount)

The Gekko Wand is the heart of the Gekko system. The wand attaches to any of the new Gekko or SX-7 tools using a threaded collar. The stainless steel tubing, adjustable handle, swivel head and ergo handle make this the premier wand for grout and tile cleaning. 2,000 psi rating, 1.5" tubing.

Gekko Wand Only
The brush head is ideal for surfaces that need extra brush agitation in addition to high pressure cleaning. The unique housing design allows the jets to screw directly into the metal head instead of the older design using a spray bar that goes across the manifold.
Gekko 14" Brush Head

The 14" Gekko Squeegee Tool is ideal for surfaces that need high pressure cleaning and instantaneous dry times. New for the 14" Gekko Squeegee Head are spray guards on the sides of the squeegee that stop water from splashing out the sides, yet still allow air to flow to prevent wand suck down .

Gekko 14" Squeegee Head
The 4" Gekko Head is designed for serious grout cleaning when a spinner tool just won't cut it. The Gekko Head uses a concentrated jet to blast stubborn soil from grout lines and tight spots.
Gekko 4" Head

The 4-gallon solution tank is constructed of heavy-duty durable polyethylene. The unit can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees without becoming brittle, cracking or leaking. A large opening allows for spill-free filling. Mount tank onto a floor machine - when the lever is pulled, it dispenses solution down to the apron of the machine.

Shampoo Tank
Nylon carpet shampoo brush is flexible and supple enough to gently scrub carpets, yet has more "memory" than other fibers for a longer lasting brush. Also available in polypropylene for a low cost alternative to nylon, or for infrequent use. Bristles are slightly stiffer than nylon.
Carpet Shampoo Brush

Pad drivers have heavy polypropylene strands trimmed irregular at 3/4". Bristles penetrate into the pad or bonnet to secure holding power. Available with or without riser and need to specify what equipment it is going on to have correct size and clutch plate.

Pad Driver
MAL-GRIT brushes offer solutions to a wide range of cleaning situations. Silicone carbide impregnated nylon bristles are self-replenishing as brush wears, offering unmatched value that outlasts floor pads over 100 to 1! All grit brushes must be run in a wet environment. Trim Length: 1-1/2". Available in 46, 80, 120, 180 and 500 grit.
Rotary Machine Grit Brush

Clutch plates come in aluminum meant for scarifying, wire brushing, and high-torque, high-shock jobs on brushes and pad drivers. High density plastic plates are designed to flex to dampen vibrations on brushes and pad drivers.

Clutch Plate
Plastic risers are available in thicknesses of either 1-1/4" (standard) or 1-1/2". Riser mounts under a plastic or steel clutch plate and gives extra clearance between top of the brush and the apron of a single-brush floor machine This allows use of a larger diameter brush.

We offer a variety of centering devices, such as Center-Lok, Center-Lok II, Center-Lok 3 and 4, Big Mouth for left and right rotation machines as well as Pad Grab.

Centering Device
Aluminum vacuum wands are available in a 1-piece or 2-piece button lock style. 56" long, 1.5" tubing, 2-bend with locking collar.
Aluminum Vacuum Wand

Squeegee floor tool, 14" long with black rubber blades, fits 1.5" aluminum wand.

Squeegee Floor Tool
Floor brush,14" long available in nylon or horse hair (slotted or straight), fits 1.5" aluminum wand.
Floor Brush

14" Floor tool with felt inserts, available in straight or scalloped, fits 1.5" aluminum wand.

Felt Floor Tool Cleaner
Scalloped vacuum head, 14", fits 1.5" aluminum wand.
Scalloped Floor Tool

Round dust brush. 3" wide head, fits 1.5" diameter tool.

Round Dust Brush
Upholstery vacuum tool, 5" width, fits 1.5" diameter tool.
Upholstery Vacuum Tool

Vacuum cleaner magnets is an effective way to save the wear and tear on your machines. Picks up metal objects that can damage your equipment, protects your vacuum against torn bags, broken belts, and broken fans. Easy to install. Available in 12" or 16".

Vacuum Cleaner Magnet
This high-powered, 51 LED UV light is built specifically for urine detection. The lights are tuned to work in the 385-390nm range of the UV spectrum and waste very little energy in the spectrum of light that doesn't cause the molecules in urine to fluoresce.
Ultraviolet Light

Hose hook will secure your vacuum/solution hose lines up off the ground to really keep your lines out of the way.

Hose Hook
This nylon netted hose bag carries your solution and vacuum hose neatly. Holds 25 feet of vac and solution hose. Durable 24" x 36" with draw string clip lock top.
Mesh Hose Bag

The SOS PRO is the professional's tool of choice for water damage, flood restoration, and odor control. Use the SOS PRO to perform sub surface extraction and remove excess water from carpet and padding without having to remove it.

Comes with bag
The SOS Sub Surface Extraction tool allows for targeted airflow to the pad and backing beneath the carpet to extract contaminants, odors, and liquids, such as pet urine, feces, vomit, and more. Works with wet/dry vac, portable extractor or truck mount.
Uses 1-1/4", 1-1/5" to 2" hose

2" Vacuum hose line splitter "Y".

Vacuum Hose "Y"
Solution hose special wire braid allows for pressures up to 3,000 psi and 250 degrees F. Resistant to cleaning chemicals. Available by the foot, 50' or 100'.
1/4" Solution Hose

1.5" and 2" vacuum hose with cuffs, designed specifically for the carpet cleaning industry with durability and flexibility in mind. Hose is detergent resistant, and can stand up to a wide range of temperatures. For use with portable units or truck mounts. Sold in 50' rolls, 1.5" is available by the foot. 2-1/2" vacuum hose available, special order.

Vacuum Hose
1.5" wire reinforced vacuum hose. Sold by the foot.
Wire Reinforced Vacuum Hose