Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor

Stocking premium mops. Colored and white cut-end or stitched looped mops, rayon, cotton, blends and finish mops all in an assortment of sizes.

Wet Mops and Finishing Mops
Microfiber flat mops provide a simple superior cleaning experience. They also have a microfiber center layer that translates into greater absorbency and durability and can be used on any hard surface and leave no streaks or residue. Available in 18" and 24" as well as dust mop style and finishing heads.
Microfiber Flat Mops

Microfiber multi-purpose and glass towels can help you save money. Machine washable for increased value, and highly absorbent. Soft to the touch, they provide a lint-free, scratch-free and streak-free experience. Offered in 16" x 16" size and available in six colors: blue, green, yellow, red, white and orange.

Microfiber Multi-Purpose and Glass Towels
Synthetic Polywool captures dust through static electricity, not for use on computers. Lambswool dusters work well in a variety of surfaces, excellent choice around computers. Both are washable with soap and water. Ostrich feather dusters are soft and supple, great for tight spaces.
Dusters are available in Polywool, Lambswool and Ostrich Feather

Ettore Master Brass Squeegee, solid tempered brass handle and channel design with clips for easy blade removal. Use Ettore Golden Glove Scrubbers to apply cleaning solution to window. Available in 10", 14", 18" and 22"

Available in 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" and 22"
ScrapeMaster Razor Scraper has a double-edged Danish flexible steel blade, lightweight handle with cover. 4" blade.
Scrapers available in 1" to 4" wide

Doodlebug Holders are the ideal cleaning tool for reaching hard to get at places like baseboards, stairs, under fixtures and furniture. Hundreds of tiny hooks on the base of these holders secure the utility pad firmly in place. The pad simply peels away from the holder for reversing or replacing.

7 Doodlebug Holder (pads sold separately)
Doodlebug pads come in an assortment of colors. They take care of light delicate cleaning to heavy duty stripping. Designed to be used with doodlebug holder.
Doodlebug Pads

Stocking floor machine pads in an assortment of styles/colors, everything from polishing, scrubbing, stripping and burnishing. We also have diamond pads for natural stone or concrete jobs.

Floor Pads
A grout sealer and colorant applicator, designed and engineered by tile installation professionals. Additional wheels are available.
Grout Wand

Grout brushes help with scrubbing out those stubborn stains from the grout in between your floor's tiles. Swivel head attaches to handle, allowing you to clean even hard to reach corners and crevices all while standing up. Available in plastic, nylon or grit bristles.

Grout Brush (Handles sold separately)
Grout brushes are available in two sizes and three types of bristles; nylon, brass or stainless steel. Great for all sorts of tasks from cleaning, stripping and even color sealing grout joints.
Hand Held Grout Brushes

Organized Gatormate Caddy cleaning system fits over rim and handle of 32, 44, and 55-gal or take off container for a portable caddy. Built-in features hold cleaning tools, scrapers, roll towels, plastic liners, gloves, cell phone, putty knives, sponges & more.

Shoe covers help prevent unwanted dust, dirt, and grime from being tracked into sensitive work areas. We stock polyethylene for wet areas as well as paper shoe covers with non-skid treads.
Shoe Covers

Most popular disposable glove is nitrile, excellent choice for people with latex sensitivities. Available in small to XXLG, 8" length or 12" length heavy duty mil.

Disposable Gloves
6 and 10 quart disposable replacement back pack vacuum cleaner bags. Also available with triangle top.
6 and 10 Qt Disposable Vacuum Bags

We stock a variety of disposable vacuum bags as well as cloth bags.

Disposable Vacuum Bags
Wet Floor Sign protects employees and visitors on slippery floors and reduce your liability. Provide a bold warning in advance, a quick trip and fall can mean a serious injury.
Wet Floor Sign (English/Spanish)

Commercial mop bucket with wringer makes cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. Each mop bucket wringer combo features a designated spot to dip mop heads to soak up clean water, and a wringer on the bucket allows the user to easily press excess water out of the wet mop, preventing floors from becoming overly saturated and slippery.

Mop bucket with wringer
Microfiber 6 gallon bucket accommodates microfiber flat mops up to 18". The wheels are removable and the tap board effectively removes excess liquid from mop pads before use. The smooth surface helps prevent bacterial growth and cleans up easily. The sealing lid allows for hold over of extra mops and solution.
Microfiber Bucket System