Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor Truck Mount Vacuum buffer burnisher extractor

Absorbent Powder absorbs and deodorizes liquid spills and pet accidents and prevents them from spreading. Composed of a natural mineral and absorbent copolymer that encapsulate spilled liquids and odors. Acts like tiny sponges, absorbing up to 10 times its weight in water and oil-based liquids.

Available in 2 pound jar

Stain Blotter is a super absorbent powder that works to soak up spills and re-ocurring spots.

Available in 27 ounce jar

Accelerator Premium Detergent Booster has a unique property that increases the cleaning strength of any liquid or powder detergents. Enhances the performance of carpet, upholstery, and wall cleaning detergents to increase their power in removing stains, cleaning and revitalizing the true color of fibers.

Available in 6 pound jar